Ear Candy – Booktrack and audio shorts


Hey guys!

I am so, so, SOOO excited to let you guys know about a really cool development with Threats of Sky and Sea today.

A few months ago, the folks over at Booktrack reached out to work with me and create a Booktrack for Threats. I looked into Booktrack and was really WOW-ed by what I learned.

A Booktrack is a movie-style soundtrack to coincide with text, complete with ambient sounds and dramatic scoring.

It’s a super immersive reading experience that puts a reader more fully into the text by utilizing another sense for the experience. I’ve been lucky enough to preview what they’ve put together for Threats of Sky and Sea and it’s incredible.

For a limited time, you can get the Threats of Sky and Sea Booktrack for just $1.99.

For anyone worried– that includes both the Threats text and the accompanying Booktrack. Hurry, because while the Threats Booktrack will continue to be available, it won’t remain at that price!

I hope you guys decide to check it out because– seriously, it’s just amazing. I am in awe of what their team put together.

You can read more about me gushing over the brilliance of Booktrack– as well as sharing my Threats of Sky and Sea playlist– over on their blog today!

And be sure to check out Booktrack’s app | website | Twitter to learn more!

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And more good stuff for your ears! The two prequel shorts currently released in my Threats of Sky and Sea series- Sisters of Wind and Flame and Defining Justice— are now available as (short) audiobooks!

If you’re new to Audible, you can make one of them your first listen for free! This, of course, also applies to Threats of Sky and Sea on Audible.

Get Sisters of Wind and Flame for free OR get Defining Justice for free. Bloggers and audiobook reviewers, feel free to reach out if you’d like to review the audiobooks!

Or, you can find them directly at retailers:

Sisters of Wind and Flame: Audible | Amazon | iTunes
Defining Justice: Audible | Amazon | iTunes

Defining Justice and audio covers

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