Less than a month until RIOT OF STORM AND SMOKE

Hello, my friends!

Oh my gosh, Riot of Storm and Smoke comes out so, so, SO soon. Less than a month until August 18!

Here’s what’s happened lately:

  • I made these promises:

It’s at 13 pre-orders right now, so I’m… actually kind of nervous that these are things I will have to do, but I AM A WOMAN OF MY WORD. (I’m slightly less nervous about the first one, but Fight Song is hard, yo). If you want to join in the campaign to see me embarrass myself, you can pre-order Riot of Storm and Smoke on Kindle here.

  • I finished my revisions based on the feedback of my critique partners and my editor, the fabulous Rebecca Coffindaffer. Here were some of the comments from my CPs:

Riot Alex comments riot teaser2

  • I sent the manuscript to my formatter! I should have the files ready to go in a couple weeks. Bloggers, if you’d like an e-book of Riot of Storm and Smoke for review (or any of my other books/audiobooks for that matter), please don’t hesitate to e-mail me! I’m working on getting it up on Netgalley soon and, as always, I’m totally down for interviews and the like as well.

That’s all for now, but stay tuned! And you can always stay up to date– and get early sneak peeks of what I’m working on next through my new release newsletter!

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