Defining Justice Release Day

Defining JusticeHuzzah! It’s a release day, y’all! Prince Caden’s short story is now available on Amazon! For any who have already read it in Inaccurate Realities, be sure to pick it up in its updated version! I added an extra scene or two ^_~

Find it on Amazon | Add it on Goodreads

One of Prince Caden’s earliest explanations of justice came from his father. But with an Earth Elemental’s life on the line, Caden learns to define it for himself.

And please don’t forget to drop a review on Amazon/Goodreads after you read! Reviews seriously help authors SO much.

To celebrate Defining Justice’s release, I’m throwing myself… a sale! If you haven’t read them yet, you can grab the e-books of Sisters of Wind and Flame for FREE (Kindle) and Threats of Sky and Sea for $0.99 (all platforms). Hurry, though! The sale ends when Wednesday arrives!

And don’t forget– the RIOT OF STORM AND SMOKE cover will be revealed TOMORROW! Watch this space! *bounces*

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