Friday Five #4

Heeeeello and happy Friday!

Here’s the five:

1) Two weeks ago was the wedding of a college friend, so that definitely makes the top of the list of happy-making occasions! You could really feel the love in the room. ^_^ I failed to get a picture with the lovely couple at the wedding itself, but below is a photo at the after “party.”

Left to right: me, the groom, the bride, BFF, BFF’s fiance.1381669_10204338299353601_3995092554026655913_n

2) Said wedding meant a slew of other good things, liiiiike reuniting with my BFF!

10365761_10204354205511245_8624729411308010302_n3) Visiting one of my favorite places in Florida: St. Augustine




4) Taking a ghost tour with EMF detectors (expect a whole blog post on this topic soonish)10520550_10204336855877515_893104786937010189_n

5) And getting to dress up. I really, really love getting all dolled up and don’t get to do it too often. My dress for this occasion is one of my new favorites, too. I bought it secondhand for only $10 bucks! I even put in the hour and a half of work it requires to curl my hair.10636260_10152505321932297_8107400560272992300_n


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