Friday Five #3

Oops! Had a bit of a fail on my part and missed last week’s Friday Five. But I’m back with this week’s!

1) I’m rocking these pants today. They have a sort of leather look, but really, they’re just a coated black denim. You guys have no idea how bad-ass I feel. Also, the low is in the fifties tonight, so I’m hoping that that coating means they’re a little warmer than your average jean!


black coated jean


2) NaNoReMo is… well, it’s… going. I’ve been recording myself speaking about my progress every day and intend to splice it up into weekly videos, but here’s what those videos will tell you: Thus far, I’ve added about 3,000 words and revised 1 chapter. Sounds small, but around a really busy week, it’s pretty exciting progress to me! I really think I can make my goal of a completed Act 3 and revised draft by month-end!


3) I posted this post over on my group book blog, The Bevy Bibliotheque. It’s all about web series inspired by literature. It felt really good to post something there again, and really great to gush over all of these web series that I love.

web series post

4) I read Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater last week. Her series, The Raven Cycle, is one of my favorites right now. Part of it is, admittedly, the UST between some of the characters. Part of it is the strangeness of the characters and stories. Part of it is the prose– Stiefvater is a GENIUS with prose.

blue lily lily blue

5) I’ve gone into Day Job one hour early and ate my lunch at my desk every day except today so that I can take a half day today! My hours wound up working out so that not only am I only working 3 hours today– I’m actually getting a little bit of overtime for the week. Boo-yah!

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