The right to dislike

This will be a short post.

If you keep up with the book blogging world in any way, you’ve likely already seen the insanity that is Kathleen Hale’s terrifying piece for The Guardian in which a book blogger wrote a negative review of Hale’s work and Hale detailed her obsession and her graduation from a badly behaving author to a full-fledged stalker.

(If you’ve not read the piece and need to quell your curiosity, I urge you to use this link, which will not give it any more undeserved hits.)

The blogger has since quit blogging, which upsets me beyond words. She’s been made to feel unsafe in her own home. This is not something that should ever happen. Ever.

And I just want to say here what I said on my Facebook page yesterday:

“Major craziness went down in the world of book reviews this weekend, so because it apparently needs to be said: readers and reviewers, you have the right NOT to like my writing, without having to worry that I’m going to resort to stalking (cyber or otherwise), subtweeting, or anything close to that. I’m still aghast that the article that was written is being lauded by some, when it is truly terrifying behavior.


Also, apparently something that needs to be said: there is nothing wrong with using a pseudonym, especially on the internet. For any who didn’t already know: Ellision = my PEN name.”


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