Complicated thinkings.

I’m having a lot of them lately.

Thoughts about motivation and perseverance. About time. And energy.

About the things I love to do that engage my mind, about the social things I need to do to get outside my own head, and the things I love to do that… don’t engage my mind as much.

About work– the day job and the author job. How one sometimes zaps me of energy for the other.

About freedom. About traveling and new places and new things, and living somewhere new. I want to do it someday. Someday when I manage to make writing a full time gig.

About change. Sometimes I feel stagnant. And then I look at the things I want to do– live somewhere totally new? Start over somewhere where I’ll have to make new friends? I’m shy. And I never thought I’d move outside Florida. Change was too scary. But I’m starting to think that scary can be good.

These are big thoughts. Complicated. I don’t have all of the words for them yet, but I’m starting to.

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