August Goals

My birthday is August 29th, and I really want to give myself a couple of presents this year!

As this day job’s “new” status fades, I’m finding myself better at balancing things again. Don’t get me wrong– I’m still WAY busy, but I’m adapting to things, which means I’m a little less exhausted, and that I’m once again finding ways to squeeze author business into my spare time (lunch hours, right before bed, weekend, et cetera).

And because I can get stuff accomplished again, I’m setting myself some goals.


The first three are big ones: 

1) Finish this draft of Riot of Storm and Smoke. I’ve been saying it for ages, but it MUST happen this month if I want to meet my self-imposed publication month (December). Elsewise, I’m looking at pushing back my date and I HATE that idea.

2) Do a round of intense revisions on a secret WiP. I’ll say no more on this one.

3) I almost can’t believe I’m saying this one, but, along with some friends on a little writing forum, I’m looking to do a Book in a Week draft in late August (credit for this idea goes to Julie and Taryn Albright). The book I’m planning on working with is so new in my head, that I don’t want to jinx too much by talking about it… but suffice to say I’m really excited about it.

I aim to have all of this done by Friday, August 29th– my birthday AND the start of Labor Day Weekend, when I’ll have some friends staying with me.

Other things I want to WILL accomplish:

-Start plotting my promo and budget for Riot of Storm and Smoke… it goes without saying that I won’t be booking anything but the cover quite yet, since I’m still elbows-deep in the draft. But I’d like to decide what I want to do differently from my last release.

-Discuss the cover direction of Riot of Storm and Smoke with my amazingly talented designer, Nathalia.

-Follow-up promo stuff– like Lexile (more on this later), completing interviews, the works!

I’m excited! August has always been my favorite month, but I have my fingers crossed that this is my most productive month to date!

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