Looking back on release week

Threats of Sky and Sea release week was kiiiind of the bomb.

I was ecstatic to be releasing Threats of Sky and Sea in general and release day would have been great regardless. But a few things made it stand-out fantastic.

Like all of the tweets and Facebook posts supporting me and linking to buy Threats of Sky and Sea.

Like an awesome release day Twitter chat, with fun questions from great participants.

Like the paperback breaking the top 5K of books on Amazon.

Photo May 20, 10 34 04 PM

Like ranking in THREE categories on Amazon.

Like breaking the top 7K of all Kindle books.

Photo May 21, 8 37 27 AMWe also threw a book launch celebration! There was cake, I signed a few books, and we set up a table with swag to grab. There were friends, family, food and drink. MOST excellent.

10389660_10203157699519343_5108511736674089682_n 10373998_10203157698079307_1457648868600592399_n 10377023_10203157701999405_8146147701068706424_n

Basically, I couldn’t have asked for much more out of my debut release day!


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