A love letter to Threats of Sky and Sea on its release day

Dear Threats of Sky and Sea,

TOSAS (may I call you TOSAS?), you and I have been through a lot together. Way back from the time when I was consistently getting your name wrong and calling you “Apparent.” (What, oh what, was I thinking?)

We’ve been together for years now, ever since that first scene jumped into my head way back in 2011. But I was only flirting with you then, TOSAS. It wouldn’t be until about a year later, in 2012, that I was finally ready to commit to you and only you. To take you seriously.

We had our struggles. Sometimes, I just couldn’t understand you. You wanted to go everywhere– you wanted to go nowhere. You were overly dramatic or you fell totally flat. You made no sense!

Sometimes, I wanted to break up with you. But I couldn’t. I couldn’t relinquish those times when you took me by surprise and I thought “Oh! So that’s why you…!” I couldn’t give up on those days that I spent buried in your pages.

This was the real deal. True love.

Jen + TOSAS = 4E

And well… they say if you love something, set it free.

Threats of Sky and Sea is available now! 

Amazon Kindle | Paperback | Barnes & Noble Nook | Smashwords | iBooks

And don’t forget to join us for a release day Twitter chat at 8 P.M. Eastern, using the hashtag #TOSAS!


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