Newsletter sign-ups and giveaway

Hey, hey, hey!

So, you may not be aware of this, but I have a newsletter! You can sign up for it here. I set it up a while ago, but have been hemming and hawwing over WHAT to do with it! I didn’t want it to be a bunch of redundant content from my blog, plus I know that many of you already subscribe to the blog via e-mail. I think I’ve finally decided on a system!

1. Timing- New releases

I definitely don’t want to spam people’s inboxes, so my newsletter will be sent out whenever I have a new release.

2. Extra content- Spotlight read

I’ll highlight a self-published book or author that I’ve read recently. This will be an author of my own choosing, one whose work I chose to spend my own money on. I might review/rave about it, I might interview the author, I might have them talk about their work. It will all depend on what I’m feeling or whether the author’s interested.

3. Extra content- Sneak peek at my Work in Progress

I’ll include a quote from the rough draft of whatever book is “on deck” from me next.

4. Exclusive giveaways

I’ll run a giveaway for either my own book (whichever release the newsletter is focusing on) or the spotlighted read with each issue of the newsletter.

5. More?

If a particularly interesting blog post or fan work caught my eye lately, I may include that too!

And as an incentive to sign up, I’m offering an international giveaway for an e-copy of Threats of Sky and Sea here as well! Enter using the Rafflecopter link below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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