A look back and looking forward in 2014

As 2014 opens, I’m realizing something:

I’m not where I want to be with my life, and you know? That’s okay.

Because all things considered, I had a pretty good year. I have my ups and my downs. Sometimes my downs are really low and it’s hard to remember the good in my life.

But when I put it in a list like this, the good overwhelmingly outweighs the bad and I think focusing on the good things in my life will help when those times inevitably roll back around.

  • I transitioned from a temp job to a permanent position, where (some days) I actually get to use my English degree.
  • My  best friend lives several states away, but we still managed to see each other for four different trips.
  • The bevy and I talk more than ever and it’s fantastic.
  • I interviewed several awesome authors and three New York Times bestselling authors in person.
  • I met my awesome CP Alex IRL.
  • I finished writing and editing my third book– and the first one that I felt could GO somewhere, and got largely positive feedback from my readers.
  • I started the arduous, nerve-wracking, and sometimes tear-inducing process of querying and pitching said book. And even got a few requests.
  • I began researching my publishing options–  really researching them. I don’t know at this juncture whether I’ll self-publish or not, but there’s a whole wide world of options out there and I feel good about whichever path I take.
  • I visited North Carolina, New York, and Virginia. I made 2 trips to Disney World and attended two tailgates at my alma mater and caught up with old friends– both ones that I’ve kept in touch with and a couple I’d lost touch with.
  • I STILL don’t enjoy working out, but I’ve grown accustomed to it and have a new found confidence in myself these past few months.
  • My sorority chapter finally got an on-campus house… three years after I graduated. BUT, I attended the alumnae tea this year and got to see it. GORGEOUS.
  • I ran(/walked) my first 5K!
  • At the start of this year, I had never seen a Broadway musical. As the year ends, I’ve now seen three (Wicked, Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella, and Book of Mormon). And, I saw the Rockettes Christmas show!
  • My holiday season was wonderful, filled with fun, family, friends… and of course food.
  • And I’m working on a “group project” that I’m truly excited about

And in 2014?

Of course I have small goals: find another vegetable that I like, whittle down my bookshelves, be more… open to things. But I feel that my main focus need to be on my major, concrete goals.

Because my few major goals are simple… but BIG:

1) Finalize a plan for Threats of Sky and Sea. I’ll make a final decision on my path in the next couple months, so stay tuned!

2) Write and revise another book.

3) Purchase my first home.

We’ll see how I do in about a year!

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