November, November.

How is it possible that we’re in November already?

It seems like New Year’s was last month; like BEA was last week; like my trip to Virginia and D.C. to see the BFF was yesterday. And even that was already two months ago.

October was a pretty calm month. I elected not to do much in the way of Halloween– I didn’t relish the idea of going out on a Thursday when I still needed to be at the office by 9 A.M. No costumes this year! My one concession to the Halloween season (besides the candy. So. Much. Candy.) was an afternoon spent carving pumpkins with my friends.


Alas, art is not my calling. My pumpkin was supposed to be a graveyard scene. But my pumpkin wound up with a very odd sort of… face instead.


My adventures in exercise continued in October as I joined a secondary gym in order to take morning spin classes with a friend. The first couple were extremely rough as I had to wake up at 4:30 AM, but it’s getting easier. I like that it makes me more likely to wake up a little earlier on days when I’m NOT spinning, so that I’m not in such a rush to get ready.

And now it’s November! It’s so hard to believe when the weather still allows me to spend comfortable days by the pool with my friends.

poolYet, the holiday commercials and music are starting right on cue! Not that I’m complaining– Holiday season is my favorite time of year.

This is the first year that I began attempting to do NaNoWriMo while holding a full-time job. It’s been much harder than I expected, and I don’t actually anticipate that I’ll finish with another win under my belt. But I’m okay with that. My schedule is so different that it used to be– I leave my house at 8 A.M. and don’t get home until about 7:30 P.M.  I’m asleep by 9:30 a lot of nights.

I’m not giving up on NaNo entirely– but I do think 50,000 is a little much for me right now. I’m still seizing it as a chance to begin work on my tentatively titled work in progress Hoist the Colors. Some words are better than no words and it’s such a MOTIVATING month for me. I love doing word sprints with others. The sense of community is inspiring! ^^

Anyone else doing relaxowrimo like me? How were your Halloweens? The starts to your holiday seasons?

One thought on “November, November.

  1. I had a really fun Halloween! I mean, I didn’t enjoy the party that we went to, but I loved dressing up with my friends. And I’m really excited for Christmas since I love holiday decorations and shopping for presents.

    As for NaNo, I’m doing it, but I’m trying to stay relaxed about it. I have lots of other things on my plate right now, so any words that I can squeeze out are better than no words at all!

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