3 places in about 3 days

A few weekends ago, I visited my best friend and her boyfriend for the first time since they moved out of Florida. I had to keep my trip pretty short since we all have only so much time that we can take off of work, but I had such a great time! I basically traveled to Virginia, D.C., and Maryland in about 3 days.

I arrived in Virginia on Thursday night, and on Friday morning, I woke up prepared for my first trip to Washington D.C.! The leaves were just starting to change colors, and I was excited that fall was starting to inch its way in. We don’t really have seasons in Florida, unless you count Hot (spring), Scorching and Humid with a chance of STORMS (summer), Pretty Dang Warm (fall), and Downright Pleasant (winter). Suffice to say, I was determined to rock a scarf. I stayed in Virginia, played tourist in D.C. and went hiking in Maryland, and flew out on Sunday night.

And now… for a picture spam in no particular order.

rubyslippers botanical gardens natsgame hiking greatfalls airandspace capitol naturalhistory

I do regret the fact that I wasn’t able to take pictures during my visit to the Spy Museum– because instead of doing the Museum THANG there, we chose a spy “experience” and went on a “mission” for an hour! So much fun! Grown-ups don’t get to play pretend nearly often enough and it was so much fun! (My “cover name” was Lina– I’m sure this is a shock to those of you who know me from my fanfiction days 😉 )

I had the best time! I’m looking forward to visiting the BFF again. Hopefully during the cherry blossom festival next year!

2 thoughts on “3 places in about 3 days

  1. I can’t believe how much you packed into so short a time! And a spy museum? That’s SO COOL! (Also, your hair is so long and preeeettttyyyy *creepily strokes your hair*)

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