Revision log

So, here is a plan:

I’m going to update this post with revision progress day by day until I’m querying. WHICH means the last update to it will read:

“MM/DD/13: Sent out first batch of queries. BRB vomiting.”

And that will probably be the only thing I say re: querying on this blog because it’s seems kinda jinx-y to put that out there for the public.

ANYway. I shall start with today’s progress:

5/2/13 2:30 PM: Completed Alex‘s revisions up to the end of Act 2. Began making a list of crutch phrases. Created a Wordle to help me figure out the really BIG crutch words.

5/2/13 10:47 PM: Finished Alex’s revisions. (!!!) Also I had a minor stroke-type episode where I decided I was going to rewrite the whole book in 1st person present tense… it’s currently 3rd past. I think I’ve decided most of it works as is, but the problems where I’m having trouble getting CLOSE/in Bree’s head, I might do it as an exercise. WOOO.

5/3/13 9:46 PM: Nope, okay, I’m switching it to first present… And all of today was consumed with doing that with one chapter. But I think that one chapter is actually much stronger now so WOOO. Butttt this will probably delay my querying.

5/6/13 10:03 AM: I had a friend visiting me over the weekend, so though I had a GREAT weekend, I got very little work done– just two pages when I woke up before my guest– but as of about 20 minutes ago, another chapter is complete and hopefully one or two more today!

5/7/13 10:06 PM: Made the POV/tense/other changes through Act 1! 2 acts left and 70% left to goooo. I have high hopes that this round of revisions will be complete this week!

5/8/13 1:40 PM: Was hoping to finish a chapter, but a possibly rabid raccoon scared me away from the picnic tables behind my office building during my lunch break. Sadness.

5/18/13: Whoops, I’ve been lax about updating this, so here’s the breakdown. I officially passed 80K, was interrupted by the raccoon another day, heard back from CP Lindsey, and have 6 1/2 chapters left of Act 3 before this pass is done. If all goes well, there will be another entry from me today declaring that this pass-through is COMPLETE.

5/22/13: Again, have been TOTALLY lax about updating this, but sent out my first batch of queries today. Apparent is roughly 81K and the urge to vomit comes and goes.

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