PARTAY TIME- Or: Revise-a-thon round 2

Good morning!

So Lindsey and I are BACK to give our darling manuscripts a little TLC. The last time that we did this, I was trying to finish up Act 2 of this draft (draft 3). This time around, I’m finishing up Act 3.

I hope.

So, what does this translate to? Well, I know I’m making some big cuts to a scene that currently goes on WAY too long and is MOSTLY unnecessary, so I’ll need to tweak it to where I talk about what MATTERS and edit it to make it ~flow. I’ll be killing lots of darlings and cutting other scenes that no longer work with the ending that needs to happen.

And now that I’m really LOOKING/thinking about what is left to REWRITE in this draft, I don’t think it’s 3 chapters like I’m been saying. I think it’s 2. Maybe. It might even be ONE long one. Perhaps an epilogue?

We will just have to see.

Now I’m going to get dressed. Because honestly, I feel like I can’t concentrate when I write in my PJs.

(Side note: I also know that I’m going to be taking either a lunch or dinner break, as a friend is in town, so I will just WATCH WHAT HAPPENS)

(Side side note: Newsies is in my head today so I took the opportunity to poorly work in that line)

And of course… we’re live-blogging

11:28 AM: Draft stands at 71,198 words. I’ve also just learned it’s a NaNoWriMo writing marathon day, so we chose our day well.

12:48 PM: I have allowed myself to get distracted multiple times. But now I am dressed, fed, watered, and I have priced out Newsies tickets for BEA, so NO MORE DISTRACTIONS (until lunch/dinner plans). On to SRS BSNS. 71,198 words.

1:36 PM: 1 scene down– trimmed and expanded in different places. And now for the one that needs SUCH MAJOR TRIMMING. Not a lot of progress thus far, but… it’s still SOME progress! 71,327 words. 1 scene. 0 chapters.

2:52 PM: I’m not really sure if this scene is coming across as stilted. It is supposed to have a lot of tension, but I think this is one that I’m just going to have to see what the CPs think. Regardless another scene down, with some cutting and some expanding! 71,233. 2 scenes. 0 chapters

4:08 PM: Mildly concerned that I am letting my own penchant for jokes in serious situations break up some tension, but come on, I just can’t bring myself to cut all of my lines like this:

“Listen to me,” she breathed into his ear. “And don’t react.”

His hand clenched around hers. “Ow. You’re reacting. Just… waltz, all right?”

70,818 words. 3 scenes. 0 chapters.

4:24 PM: Same status, but now LOLing at this random sentence because I forgot that this was a thing I initially wanted to have happen:

Bree had run into her during one of her baking escapades in her early days at the castle.

Self, when would she have had time for baking? Just… LAWL.

5:14 PM: I MUST DEPART FOR DINNER. Draft is currently at 70,805 words. I’ve revised 4 scenes and 1 chapter. I think my earlier goals of finishing this Act must, as usual, be amended. I always aim just a little too high. But I think that shooting for another chapter after dinner is reasonable



Anyway, obviously I am still working. And I lament the fact that I always aim too high with these “a-thons,” but I sense that the END IS NEAR and I’d like to wrap Apparent up.



One thought on “PARTAY TIME- Or: Revise-a-thon round 2

  1. Newsiessssss. Now I’m listening to Newsies.

    You mentioning writing an epilogue gives me le chillssssss. Because epilogues are always dramatic and AHH what does this mean for the story!?

    Also, when you say “I’ll be killing lots of darlings,” I hope you don’t mean characters because that makes me more nervous.

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