The procrastination continues. Or “House Sigils for my characters, Game of Thrones style”

(I blame you, Alex.)

For round 2 of revision procrastination, today I made Game of Thrones House sigils for few of my characters. I’ve been meaning to do this for a few weeks, since Alex did it and… well, I was on a procrastination roll. You can make your own here!

It seems only appropriate that since I ended my heroine generator post with my main character last time I posted, we let Bree kick things off this time around.


Now, none of my characters actually have house crests (that I’ve discovered thus far anyway) and Bree has always lived as a peasant, but this is good representation of her path to self discovery and the mission she has to take on in Apparent.

Side note: I thought about making her house motto: “Leave me alone and drink your beer” since it is SO something Bree would say and expresses what she wants her life to go back to pretty succinctly. But it didn’t sound very house motto-y to me.



This one is probably my favorite. It is so so so Kat.



I love Aleta so much, guys, but I don’t want to say anymore about this one.

Now for some characters you haven’t met at all!

Here’s the crest for the king of Egria. Egria isn’t technically their House name, but it seemed a very “him” thing to do to claim the nation and himself as one entity.


This one is a bit of a joke. The king takes his power super seriously, but Alex suggested I make his motto “Have it your way” because she knows that in my head he looks just like the Burger King.

It was too funny to pass up entirely, so I tweaked it just a tiny bit to fit his personality better.

And finally, I created one for Bree’s Da, Ardin.


I’m not too thrilled with this one, so there’s a chance I’ll redo it later, but Ardin, though Bree doesn’t know it, has lots of secrets to unfold. I chose the tree to represent him because Ardin means “great forest,” and the home that he raised Bree in was on the edges of a wood.That’s it for now! I have one or two more characters that I’d like to do this for, but yeah… done for now.
Again, if you do this, let me knowwww! If I make any more sigils or edit any of these, I’ll just update this post. šŸ™‚

One thought on “The procrastination continues. Or “House Sigils for my characters, Game of Thrones style”

  1. I have so much love for the “Have it our way” motto

    Also, Bree’s second motto option might be one of the greatest things ever…just saying šŸ˜›

    So glad you made sigils too!

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