The Heroine generator- aka LOOK AT MY CHARACTERS

A few months back, I stumbled on this post on Diana Peterfreund’s blog. Peterfreund lamented her lack of a drawing ability because she couldn’t create and share pictures of her characters.

I suffer a similar fate. But yay for Diana Peterfreund for cluing us all into this “Heroine generator!” I can show you guys an approximation of some of the characters in my head!

First, let’s meet Aleta, the princess of Nereidium and ward of the king of Egria.


Aleta is wearing purple to denote her status as royalty. The wedding veil is a nod to her betrothal to the king’s son, Caden. She wears the roses in her hair in a specific scene and they definitely mean something… that hopefully you’ll all be able to read some day. 😉

Aleta doesn’t wear her emotions on her sleeve, so when the calm facade that you see here breaks, it’s a moment of really strong emotion.

One of the first characters you meet is Lady Katerine du Eirya.

ImageDon’t let the smile on her face fool you. Kat’s not someone that you’d want to befriend.

This is actually pretty damn close to what Kat is wearing in the first scene in book when she meets my main character. This hooded black robe serves the dual purpose of denoting Kat’s ability as an Adept and keeping her warm in the freezing woods.

Notice the red stone at Kat’s throat? Red has a specific purpose in Egria and Kat wears it like a badge of honor.

And finally, we can meet my favorite girl and my main character, Breena Rose Perdit!

ImageBreena usually goes by Bree, and this is pretty close to what you’d find Bree wearing for the first seventeen years of her life. Boots that keep her feet warm in her tiny northern village of Abeline, comfortable pants, and a long-sleeved shirt. All that’s missing is her Da’s monstrously ugly fur coat that she pulls on when she has to chop firewood in the winter for their tavern.

Does Bree look angry? I hope so. She’s feeling awfully betrayed and like she doesn’t know who she is. She’s feeling controlled and penned in, and my girl Bree doesn’t do so well under those circumstances.

Obviously, this was a great use of my time, what with 3 chapters still left to write. But it was also so much fun.

Now all I need is a “Hero” generator so I can show you guys the men of Apparent!


6 thoughts on “The Heroine generator- aka LOOK AT MY CHARACTERS

    1. Haha, I LOVE IT though. You’re right… I never really noticed the similarities. And Kat’s robe is a lot like Morgana’s…!

      But fun fact, in my head I’ve always pictured Katie McGrath as Aleta, to the point where on my pinterest board for the story, I have a picture of her pinned with the caption “Aleta. OH MY GOD, Aleta.”

  1. Bree looks SO PISSED and it’s amazing. You also already know my thoughts on Aleta and how I just want to hang out with her all day every day so we can snark on things together.

    And Lady Kat just looks all kinds of terrifying…


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