NaNoWriMo Write-a-thon Take 2


Guess what we’re doing again today? No, I’m not going to just tell you. Guess. All right, fine. It’s another write-a-thon! But this time it’s the last write-a-thon of NaNoWriMo! I am slightly behind where I am supposed to be… today’s NaNo-generated target word  count is 40,000 and I’m at 36,472 after a mad dash of writing to catch up yesterday. So, I’m shooting for the standard write-a-thon 5K so that I’ll be slightly ahead of said 40,000 words.

And of course, live-blogging it all.

10 AM: The start time that I chose. I snooze. Because sleep and I are best buds.

10:26 AM: I pull myself over to the computer to find that Lindsey and Christa are ready to go. Aaaaaaand here we gooooo. 36,472. 0 words today.

11:10 AM: I am building up to/avoiding writing this really BIG scene because I’m not entirely sure about the smaller details that will happen in it… but la la la ok. More keyboard poking now…

…why does that sound dirty?

37,113. 641 words today.

11:34 AM: I swear the lawn people are hacking and weed-whacking outside the office window and NOWHERE ELSE. 37,350. 878 words today.

1:06 PM: CHRISTMAS MUSIC AND PINTEREST. Yep, I’m officially distracted. And reading over old scenes is causing me to eliminate more words than I’m adding… oops. 37,996. 1,524 words today. Aaaand now I shall break for LUNCH.

2:39 PM: Finally beginning this important BIG SCENE. I don’t feel like I’m quite doing it justice, but… yay revisions? 39,133. 2,661 words today.

4:05 PM: The words are so bad, you guys. SO STILTED and I’m pretty sure I’m throwing details out that are going to require earlier scenes to be fixed. But YAY. ON TRACK AGAIN. 40,282. 3,810 words today.

5:56 PM: AAAAAND I’M DOOOONE. I feel like many of my scenes in my overall WiP will only need tweaking in revision… but the ones I did today will probably require a complete overhaul. Still I can’t edit what isn’t there, so I’m glad to have gotten through it. And now I must investigate this thing I heard about called a “social life.” Farewell, friends! Until next time!  41,706. 5,234 words today.

P.S. Let us all do a mini-wave in celebration of Lindsey, who just won her first NaNo in this write-a-thon! 

4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Write-a-thon Take 2

  1. I am so intrigued as to what this BIG SCENE is. I am just curious all around and every time we finish one of these writeathons, it makes me glad because it means that you are one step closer to finishing this draft …and that I am one step closer to finding out ANSWERS 🙂

    Although November will end very soon, I say at least one more writeathon for 2012! BECAUSE THESE HAVE BEEN GREAT AND SO PRODUCTIVE. SERIOUSLY. Think about how much progress we have made in like, the past two months xD

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