Write-a-thon round 2 (1st NaNoWriMo edition)

Hello again, friends!

Today, I’m doing another write-a-thon with Lindsey, but this time also with Christa, Katie and Geek Girl. Now, I think they’ve all been going since 8 AM, but I am a lazy bones and when my alarm went off I cried “NAY!” And went back to sleep.

But now I am AWAKE! And with GOALS to meet. So here I am, live-blogging again.

I’m behind everyone else for the day, but it looks like we’ve got about the same goals. I’m shooting to add another 5K to my draft. My draft itself is currently 37,574 words, but the NaNoWriMo portion (aka the second 2 acts) are at 17,787.


10:32 AM: I have opened up Write or Die. Here we go. 17,787 words. 0 written today.

11:21 AM: Mother keeps interrupting with packing questions as we’re moving to another house later this month, but have still managed to make the jump to 18820 words. 1,033 written today. Now I really need to go hunt down my glasses. I feel like I’m squinting at the computer screen.

12:30 PM: Recognized that I was not ON TASK. It began with the excuse of assisting mom in packing, then moved onto a caffeine hunt, then onto this OMG MY DOG IS SO CUTE moment:

He stole my socks. ADORBS, right?

Then I got back to work.

But only a little. I’m really antsy and having trouble focusing right now. Planning to do a 1K1hr in a few minutes to buckle down though. 19,171 words. 1,384 written today. 

1:25 PM: I attacked Lindsey with this video of the old Baby-Sitters Club television show theme song. She said that she blames me if it finds its way into her MS. I hope that I get some blame. I really, really do.

Also, all of the writing I’ve been doing today is supposed to be super like… tense and dark and instead I keep making my MC Bree get all snarky because that is my defense mechanism. Everything I’ve written lately has been pushed past with the thought: JUST GET PAST THIS AND FIX IT LATER. However, these scenes are going to be SO MUCH FUN to revise. I really enjoy injecting the more atmospheric/description stuff in in my revisions and this last scene involved literal torture of my MC. THAT WILL BE SO FUN. I am not sure if this makes me a little sadistic. 19,717 words. 1,930 written today. And now it’s lunch time!

4:17 PM After the WORLD’S LONGEST LUNCH, it was obviously necessary that I watch an episode of Downton Abbey to eat up another hour before womp-womp-ing my way throught some more words. I’m srsly struggling today. Also, I now feel like I look the part of a cliched writer with a robe-like sweater, glasses, hair pulled back… and slippers. Yes, this feels right. 20,258 words. 2,471 written today. 

Enjoy my crazy face. Because obviously this is how I avoid writing. And that is my slipper that I have pulled up for your viewing pleasure. Also, I look like I have a unibrow. Which is cool, I guess.

5:39 PM: NEW GOAL. I realized I will be THREE DAYS AHEAD if I make it slightly past 5K to 23,333 words. And I WANT that. So. TO WORK. NO SLEEP UNTIL THIS GOAL IS ACHIEVED.

Also, no TV allowed until it’s achieved. This might be a greater motivator. 20,804 words. 3,017 written today.

6:47 PM: OH MY DAMN, LOOK WHO CAN SPRINT OUT SOME TERRIBLE WORDS WHEN SHE REALLY PUTS HER MIND TO IT and puts Write or Die on the harshest settings possible. And, of course, when she skips ahead to scenes she finds more interesting. 23,422 words. 5,635 written TODAYYYY!!!

And SCENE. I WILL SEE YOU LATER, COMPUTER. But for now I think we need to spend a night apart.

PS, I would like to go out on the month’s theme song:


2 thoughts on “Write-a-thon round 2 (1st NaNoWriMo edition)

  1. YAAAY for productivity! I think we should definitely have at least one more write-a-thon before November ends.

    SAY HELLO TO YOUR FRIENDS! I really can’t believe I’d never heard of that show before. Maybe then banned it in Canada which is sad because I’m sure 10 year old Lindsey would have been all over that.

    1. I don’t have memories of watching it too much, but I MUST HAVE. Because that song will be with me until the DAY I DIE.

      Also, YES to another write-a-thon. We should look at our ~schedules.

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