JENeric Life Update

Titled thusly because I get a weird thrill out of making horrible puns with my own name.

Apparent is still moving along… albeit, slower than I want, but progress is progress. My class with literary agent Mandy Hubbard nears its end and I’m sad to see it come to a close, but relieved to know that taking the class was a great decision. Thanks to Mandy and my classmates, I definitely feel like my opening pages are stronger. I’ve got more writer friends, that will help keep me accountable as I work toward my goals, AND I’ve got a query that I am very nearly happy with… but more on that later.

I also created an organized binder for Apparent with spaces for my query, draft, notes research, etc. I like having these things in hard copy form and it makes me feel all professional.

I’ve started substitute teaching! This is by no means a long-term monetary solution though. I did contemplate applying my English degree to teaching Middle or High School English, but I don’t think that’s going to be a decision that I’ll make. First of all, I enjoy teaching the younger students more and feel like I can keep my position of authority with them.

It’s not as easy with the middle school students and I think that the reason is lies in that I look younger than my age. Kids ages 9 and up were asking me all day long yesterday (when I subbed for the PE teacher) whether or not I was in high school. At 24, I’m not THAT far out of high school, but my theory is that if they honestly think I’m that young, they have trouble accepting authority from someone they think isn’t much older than them.

Also, subbing exhausts me. These children have so much more energy than me. The first day, I arrived home at 3:30 and I was asleep– for the night– by 5. So basically: I like kids and everything, but I think that if I was a teacher I wouldn’t want to have my own because I’d miss any semblance of calm. I’ve always respected teachers, but now? I respect them more. Especially teachers who have a second job or are pursuing writing. I don’t know where they’d find the time and energy!

For now though, I do enjoy subbing and having some extra income is nice, so I’ll work the rest out later. 😉

Other things:

While most everyone else is busy eagerly anticipating Halloween, I’m not overly excited about it. Still haven’t worked out a costume and… well, I don’t relish the idea of heading out to a bar. Every now and then, I enjoy myself, but I’m not a crowds-and-alcohol person.

What I am looking forward to:

-A sorority sister’s wedding that coincides with my university’s homecoming weekend. Also, my best friend is flying in for it, so I’m going to get to catch up with lots of old friends.

-NaNoWriMo! I’m working on another draft of Apparent for this NaNo, as I’m still eyeing the beginning of next year/end of this one as my “query by” date

-Moving back into my house! My family’s home was being remediated for chinese drywall and we’ve been in rental homes the past… 2? 3? (I’ve lost count) years. But next month, we’ll be back!

That’s it for now, but expect to hear from me soon!


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