Positive reinforcement FTW

So, Apparent is not done. But that is next on my list today. 3 scenes left… I think that’s the count anyway.

This past weekend, I reunited with a few friends in Orlando for some fun, but laid-back times. On Friday, a bunch of them stayed at my family’s timeshare with me and we played games, reminisced and chatted.

These days, most people that I talk to (albeit online) are niched firmly in the same world I am. Our days revolve around books, writing, and blogging. But my “real life” friends have interests that vary far and wide from those topics.

Nevertheless, they’re always so encouraging. They ask me about my Work in Progress, how the process works after I finish a draft. They tell me that despite not being at all involved in the book world, they love to see me tweeting about things. That they admire my passion for it since not everyone has something that they feel that strongly about. And they tell me that they’re confident that I’ll be successful in the industry someday, which helps. I’m not that confident about it most days.

It always bolsters my confidence when I talk to them about my writing, even though I feel extremely nervous and vulnerable when I talk about it. I’m really lucky to have such great friends and being with them on Friday night reminded me of that fact.

Now, I’m off to continue working on Apparent. I want to prove that their faith in me has some basis, after all. 😉

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