Season finales

SO. Tis the season… of season finales.

AKA those shows that tend to twist me up into little balls of feelings so intense that it is all that I can do not to rock myself back and forth.

I love a good story, obviously, and along with books, this means I am completely addicted to television, so I watch A LOT OF SHOWS. And here is my reaction to a few season/series finales… so far.

In other words…

Castle- Castle and I sort of fell away from each other at one point, but I have loved the glorious reunion we have had this season. Beckett and Castle’s awkward love moments make me snicker into my hand in the beginning of the season. As we moved along and Castle becomes desperate with love and so sad I wibbled, Nathan Fillion gets these amazingly vulnerable doe eyes and in the season finale…



Sweet Jesus, I love that show.

The Big Bang Theory- Your typical episode really… some nerdy and awkward humor, Howard and Bernadette get married, cue the sap, end season

Desperate Housewives- Was actually really disappointed by this one. I’ve been watching Desperate Housewives for years and as this was the SERIES finale, I expected awesome. The show’s had awesome moments before… maybe I felt like the stakes weren’t high enough or something. Can’t really say.

Oh, plus the writer intentionally left a weird cliffhanger thing about some rando character at the end of the series finale. That aggravated the hell out of me. Maybe they’re leaving room for a spin-off, but I’d much rather have left off with the futures of the housewives that they showed before they pulled a weird cliffhanger-esque thing out of their butts.

Once Upon a Time- Holler for intenseness! We’ve got battles, true love, high stakes and… I can’t even. Henry’s saving was pretty predictable, but holy jeez you guys. Le Curse! She is broken! I live for this moment:

Aaaaaand then a purple cloud sweeps over the whole town. Pretty! Wait, what’s that you say Henry? That’s “SOMETHING BAD?!” HOW ASTUTE OF YOU.

NOOOOOOO, it’s 8:15 again. Did the clock stop? What does this MEAN?!

End season

Gossip Girl- Please kill the Dan/Blair thing, please kill the Dan/Blair thing… Serena and Blair why are you hating each other again? Don’t you know I like you both SO MUCH MORE when you’re not the crappiest friends on the planet?

Ahhhh, Blair loves Chuck, ahhhhhhhhh!

WTF are you doing Bass?

Okay, now everyone’s miserable. Great.

Maybe not everyone?

End season

How I Met Your Mother- 

1st half: Yoda!Marshall: “Atlantic City stuck in are we.”

Me: I can’t hear you over my screams of laughter.

Everyone: Coolest middle name ever

Me: *awestruck nod*

Baby!Erickson: *sleeps*

Me: *coos*

2nd half: 

Robin: I’m going to give Ted some mostly good advice about women. But also I obviously think it will be funny to give him the terrible advice of going after a girl he’s already dated and then sort of saw again but it couldn’t work out with.

Ted: Robin, you’re so wise. This can’t be a mistake.

Me: Omfg, you’re kidding, right? She can’t possibly be the mom, he MET her aaaaaages ago. Also, he’s being a douchelord. THAT IS HER WEDDING DRESS, ASSFACE.

Barney: I will finally reveal what is in my box despite the magician’s code!

Me: *peers through fingers covering eyes*

Barney and Quinn: We’re getting married!

Me: LALALA I CAN’T HEAR YOU. *Breaks tv and runs to another television source*

Barney to Robin: Last chance


Ted: The bride wanted to see me?

Me: Don’t mind me, I’ll just be over in the corner doing a horrifically awful wriggle of joy.

Hart of Dixie- Cried into my pillow about the wedding of George to Citrus. Irritated with Wade about his asinine ‘tude.

Wade: *slams into Zoe with a grunt*

Me: *food falls out of mouth attractively* Well, this is hot

George: I didn’t marry her

Me: ZOMG, Wade’s in her bed

Zoe: *shock face*


Me: I am such a mess of emotions

To sum up. I love George. I despise Lemon. I want Wade to be happy. Not with Summer– I mean Zoe. Because I love her and George.

Make It or Break It- THANK GOD THEY EUTHANIZED THIS SHOW FINALLY. I was ashamed to still be watching it because it’s SO BAD. But it’s over. I AM FREE!

Smash- Basically I watch this for the songs. It’s the same reason I watch Glee, only the songs are better and so is the plot and so are the characters. Okay, it’s all better than Glee. I am very happy that Katharine McPhee got to be Marilyn because I just love her voice. Also happy that they didn’t make the musical get poor reception. Yayyyyyy. Looking forward to more pretty songs next season.

I think that’s all of my show finales thus far. You see my problem, right? It’s only Tuesday, guys. TUESDAY.

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