Un Plan de Vuelo*

Okay friends, here is a confession of one of my many, many quirks: I like to plan.

NAY, I LOVE to plan.

So therefore, for the upcoming trip that I mentioned in my last post, I am trying to plot a schedule/budget. I have been on Google Maps Street View all day exploring the streets near the apartment that I’m staying in, as well fiddling (for the umpteenth time) with my budget for the trip. I now know such useful information as the location of Shake Shack, that there is a pizza place around the corner, and that Five Napkin Burger (SOUNDS HEALTHY, RIGHT?!) is just up the street.

I’ve figure out that directions to get to the convention center and Central Park are both very nice and easy. Joyously easy to walk. I have discovered that online Subway maps are absolutely MADDENING so I hope that the system itself is easier to figure out

I’ve been planning my wardrobe for the trip for weeks and still can’t decide what to bring/wear. I think I’ve resigned myself to flying in heels or wedges simply because it will free up a smidge more suitcase room. CAN’T TELL YOU HOW EXCITED I AM FOR THIS DISCOMFORT (not).

Let’s see… what else? I keep looking up “helpful” NY information, which leads me to wondering about the tiniest details (I wish I could remember an example for you.). I confirmed that someone (yay Lindsey!) will be arriving at the airport around the same time I will, which means we can split a cab, WHICH means that I may be further under my budget than I thought XD.

More events/activities keep popping up and I am resisting the urge for a full-blown itinerary because some fun of vacation is spontaneity, RIGHT?! But I want to do SO MANY THINGS. Plus, I’m pouting at the fact that a few BEA events I want to go to are at the same time. #schedulingproblems

I pity my future children taking a vacation with me. I really do.

Think I’d better sign off as this has turned into a long list of my neurotic tendencies, vacation edition.


*Title of this post means Flight Plan… I think. Planes de Vuelo were an exercise that I had to do OFTEN in like… 8th grade Spanish, but I don’t remember exactly what the activity was. Strange what sticks with you.

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