I put the pro in procrastinate

I’m using this post to stall for time.

Which is to say that I’m delaying the things that I know I should be doing instead.

Thing #1- Going to the gym to work on week 3 of Couch to 5K.  Which feels just short of impossible… but yeah. I’m going. I swear. As soon as my phone has enough of a charge to last for 30 minutes of music because doing that without it also feels just short of impossible

Thing #2- Writing. Because I’ve been blocked on my work in progress for probably around a month and I’m just trying to squeeze the words out right now. I was going with the NaNoWriMo method of 1,667 words a day, but have been less than successful. Also I’m writing a fantasy novel and I just finished reading BITTERBLUE which was awesome and one of those books that makes you say “oh goodness, I wish I could write like this.” Plus there’s a contest I want to enter with a May deadline, but that has the shiny appeal of a new project.

Thing #3- Paying my credit card bill. This is definitely happening tonight, I just hate to do it. There’s something depressing about waving good-bye to your money.

Aaaand away I go.

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