Jen on Jen action… by which I mean I talk about myself.

So. Some things about me/this space/why it’s here.

1) I already have a blog, but starting one that isn’t almost entirely devoted to Young Adult book reviews like Almost Grown-up is seemed like a fun idea. I’m following the example of fellow writer/book blogger Lindsey of Lindsey with an E and Storm of Words.

2) I have no idea how often I’m going to post on here or what I’m going to post about, really.

3) My life is consumed by books. In EVERY form. I’m working on my own novel now, having written two terrible ones before for NaNoWriMo. I’m part of a book club. I mentioned the book blog thing already… And I’m also an intern with a literary development company and an intern for a literary agent.

4) …But I’m basically unemployed right now.

5) I’m hoping to have the chance to go back to school for a graduate certificate in publishing… but need to find employment first I think.

6) I currently live with my parents, my brother, and my adorable Siberian Husky, Jake.

And… well right now it’s about noon on a Sunday and I’m still waking up, having slept in. So more later I suppose since I promised myself that I’d write 2,667 words today and thus far have accomplished zero.

One thought on “Jen on Jen action… by which I mean I talk about myself.

  1. I already told you on twitter, but I must say it again – LOVE your url! Good luck on everything, my dear. One day you’ll look back on this entry and be all, “Oh my gosh. How times have changed!” xD

    (I hope this comment works!)

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